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The brand Amore Puro
Dive into the heart of Tuscany and explore a whole range of beauty products based on extra virgin olive oil...

Nourishing your skin
is caring for your well-being

At Amore Puro we want to get it straight, this is why we talk about anti-ageing rather than anti wrinkle. We’ve picked our main ingredient from nature because olive oil is a genuine elixir, with polyphenols the which are superstar antioxydants… Scientific research has proven that they are 15 times more potent than green tea and 3 times stronger than co-enzyme Q10.

We want to think that it is better to prevent rather than heal, so the more the skin is nourished and protected, the better it is.

The promise of Amore Puro is simple...We help you to delay the ageing of your skin, to restore its radiance, reviving the skina simple as possible and as sustainable as possible.
Soins visage Amore Puro
Body and Hair
For our cosmetics we asked our producers to harvest the olives very early, on average 3 weeks before the harvest for the so called edible olives olive oil is made, because we discovered that at this stage of maturation the olives are even more saturated with polyphenols… So why deprive ourselves?

Always bearing in mind that by respecting nature and “taking” the best of what it can offer us, we try to reduce the production of waste… This is why we recycle the olive kernels, purify them and crush them to recover the nectar out of them… You can find them in some of our references like the body and facial scrub…
Soins corps Amore Puro
Fragrances and parfumes
When we’ve created our range of cosmetics, it was obvious we would include perfumes…We want to evoque the smoothness of Tuscany, its freshness and its elegance. It was also important for us that it would suit both men and women...A perfume for both that you’d easily glide into your luggage and fly your way to the Dolce Vita for a week end!

The home perfume diffuser reflects a more relaxing , soothing atmosphere… We want it to make you think of a SPA, where it’s good to have some ‘me’ time and take care of ourselves.
Senteurs et Parfums Amore Puro
Olive oil
As a victim of its success in recent years, olive oil today is vulgarized. Most of them we find in grocery stores are altered or … It’s become a real business. Amore Puro wants to give back its dignity, and we produce a real extra virgin oil and it is organic.

Our producers don’t apply mass production, olive trees find themselves on the hill sides, which makes mass production impossible while respecting biodiversity resulting in more resistant olive trees. Picking of olives is done by hand, cause machines can’t get access to the hillsides. We respect the purist of traditions.
Huile d'Olive Amore Puro


Best Seller Item

  • Shower Gel EVEIL
    Price €12.00
  • Shampoo HARMONY
    Price €12.00
  • Day Cream BALANCE
    Price €44.00
  • Perfume Diffuseur Aria Pura
    Price €24.90
  • Hydrating Body Lotion COCOON
    Price €22.90
  • Beauty Oil ELIXIR
    Price €32.90
  • Facial Scrub LUMIERE
    Price €22.00
  • Facial tonic lotion FEELGOOD
    Price €18.90
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Florine V
I’ve tested the eye radiance cream for several weeks and it feels so amazing! It hydrates perfectly my eye contour, it gave back my natural beauty thanks to the olive oil of AMORE Puro!
Virginie D
I tested and I love it… The texture, a pure delight and the fragrance takes me away. I recommend it strongly.
Claire C
Très bien livraison rapide et produits de qualité.

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