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Advent Calendar


Ideas to fill Santa's hood

The holiday season marks the family's period, rethinking of the good times, to those we miss and then to be with people we just love. Before these happy moments, we're not going to ly, it is also the race against time to find the Good gift idea that will please!

You have not lost your child's soul, we neither! We tried to simplify the task with gift ideas to offer or to be offered, to be discovered every day through a calendar box, with small surprises but also with moments to win something.

A commercial operation yes ... but the opportunity to share our values

With this advent calendar, we want to please you, make you enter into the holiday atmosphere but also make you discover and share a piece of our history.

Getting started, is putting passion up front. In the story of Amore Puro, this "pure love" is that of olive oil, it is the encounter with a country, values and natural wealth. And it's true that it's not easy to be an independent brand in the world of cosmetics, it's a reality... our reality, but It's worth it!

So that's a little bit of what we want to share with you through this calendar, not only gifts but also the real people behind Amore Puro. We hope you enjoy it!

Happy Christmas and happy New Year, ciao!


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