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Amore Puro makes a comeback with new features for the 2021 season

Développement produits Amore Puro

Summer is always a time of resourcing, a welcome break that allows you to look back to the past year (and what a year!) and refocus to get back to school on a good footing. For us, it was the occasion for a trip to Milan ... What a beautiful region! A little tourism and especially new product developments with a selection of perfumes to make you travel and live the italian way!

Post COVID source of renewal

This period was not for Amore Puro and for myself a period of crisis but a moment of recollection, inspiration, even hope! With the motto of one of my illustrious positivists and inspirational and for the occasion is not an Italian, but a British, I repeat the words of Sir Winston Churchill: "A pessimist sees a difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty!" or: "I am an optimist. It doesn't seem too much use being anything else."

As our President Macron announced at the beginning of the COVID crisis: "We are at war". That's why I decided with Amore Puro to confront the enemy of COVID with the goal of bringing well-being through prevention based on olive oil.

We all know that washing and frequent use of hydroalcoholic gels causes hand problems, ranging from dehydration, itching or even peeling of the skin.

A specific range for hand protection and hydration

To cope with the inconveniences generated by intensive washing, we decided to develop some new products in order to respond effectively to the vagaries of daily life with COVID.

- - New Cleansing and Disinfectant Gel

First we develop a cleansing gel that will allow washing and therefore disinfecting hands, without affecting skin health or the epidermis. This cleansing gel will of course be enriched with the green gold of the Mediterranean extra virgin organic olive oil from Tuscany, your ally in these times of 'war'. It will nourish, protect and soothe the skin of your hands while cleaning and disinfecting it. A first small victory assured !

- - New nourishing hand cream

After disinfecting it is necessary to moisturize. Launch of a nourishing hand cream: the second line of defense to face this invisible enemy. The side effects of hydroalcoholic gels can be mitigated by the ability of olive oil to protect and regenerate damaged skin from the hands.

- - New facial moisturizing mask

As COVID also affects our morale, Amore Puro will offer you a weapon against this scourge like a flower with a rifle: a moisturizing mask in bio cellulose that will be biodegradable, with moisturizing virtues of course, but also will be soothing and protective.

Travel to Milan, pole of cosmetics

To carry out these projects I went to the Italian 'incubator' cosmetics, better known as the Polo Cosmesi. It is a region that stretches from Milan to Brescia where many cosmetic companies are located. This territory has been particularly affected by COVID, which has claimed a large number of victims.

This trip allowed me to meet my many suppliers (formulas, perfumers, packaging etc.), always enthusiastic, committed to a return to the real or normal life. There I’ve always felt the same ardour, this desire to want to move forward and to go further despite the nightmare called COVID.

Together we have created these new references keeping in mind to offer you well-being with a touch of elegance, softness and subtlety in the Italian style...

The productions are launched, now we will have to wait a little longer ... So go to the beginning of 2021 to surprise you once again!

A presto!



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