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Like a desire to stay under the sheets...

Routine beauté en automne

Days get shorter, temperatures go down, and our energy also and with this ungrateful health context ... it's really a time to stay at home by the fireplace. That's the moment we officially announce the launch of Cocooning Time;-)

We adapt ourselves to the temperature changes and we adjusts our beauty routine to this intermediate season to step into winter with serenity.

Preparing for the arrival of the cold season

Autumn is a transition period for nature that goes all slowly idle to prepare for the arrival of winter. In the same way, we need to gradually integrate a tailored skin care routine to face the cold, in the first place by hydrating the skin. Indeed, with the drop in temperatures together with wind gusts, one of the risks to our skin is that it dries out, so we suggest an adequate skin care to protect it throughout the day and night.

Yes a little hot chocolate, a good movie or a nice book and a small flare at the chimney, and you're ready to discover our fall wellness routine.

Adapting your beauty routine during autumn

In this period of cocooning, we recommend several things, the first is to take care of your diet by integrating seasonal fruits and/or vegetables at each meal to stock up on vitamins and minerals. Because it is well known that prevention begins with food. So if you take care of the inside and you'll notice it on the outside. So in the kitchen, we use and abuse our green gold Amore Puro organic extra virgin olive oil to sublimate all your dishes. Buon appetito!

For your skin we've set up plan that will please you for sure:

- Step 1: Once a week apply the purifying mask velvet as it is a natural detoxifying treatment that purifies and illuminates your complexion.

- Step 2: Morning and evening apply the eye radiance cream Eclat, an anti-wrinkle with plumping properties, with a deflating effect and a melting texture.

- Step 4: At the end of the day after removing your make-up, apply the night cream Rêve de nuit, an anti-aging treatment with a restorative effect, rejuvenating your skin for a mild and light night.

Amore Puro products are an invitation to travel, based on extra-virgin organic olive oil from Tuscany ... they bring us a little sun every day in the bathroom. Paraben-free,free of mineral oils and silicones, they are and suitable for any type of skin. So to protect yourself from the first effects of the cold, offer your facial skin the best of Tuscany. Nourishing and regenerating, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is your new beauty ally, youth and well-being to be used on a daily basis.

Take care of yourself;-)

A presto!


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