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Need tips to keep your skin brown after this summer?

We would like to keep our tan after this summer that we have been working on... and admit it, we like to boast a little with our colleagues with our toned skin. Now, we would like to share some tips with you that you can apply daily.

No more scaly skin!

What a pleasure to sunbathe (of course in complete safety) and at the same time enjoy all the benefits that the sun offers us: first of all it is good for our minds, it contributes to a good mood, which is taken into account after the lock down period, which was sometimes depressing. In addition, it also contributes to the creation of vitamin D3 that protects us from osteoporosis. Having said that after sunbathing and taking a dip in the sea or in the pool, we have to note that our skin is often dry or even dehydrated.

This natural phenomenon is often due to too little lipids, especially a disturbance of the balance of our hydro lipid barrier which provides protection from the environment. When this hydro lipid barrier is disturbed, this can lead to dehydration of the skin which in turn gives rise to dry skin. The salt of the sea and the chlorine of the pool only reinforce this phenomenon.

Therefore, to the itchy sensation of the skin, skin irritations or even a flaky skin, one can not repeat it enough: You need to MOISTURIZE AND NOURISH your skin! And this from the inside as from the outside. So drink plenty throughout the day and eat light dishes based on extra virgin olive oil. Let the plan 'help my skin is thirsty and hungry' come at you.

The tips to maintain a toned skin

Due to lack of time, we sometimes do not take enough time for ourselves; the good news is it's never too late! That's why we recommend the following 3 steps to keep your skin brown for as long as possible:

- Before the shower

Dehydrated skin often tends to thicken; this is a natural defense system that consists of combating the deficiencies in hydration and nutrition of the hydro lipid film. That's why, before taking a shower, you can apply the body scrub Renaissance based on finely crushed olive kernels, to remove the dead skin cells and prepare the skin to provide the necessary hydration.

- During the shower

Indeed hydration catches on during the shower! The shower gel Eveil gives a soothing sensation of feeling good, cleanses and nourishes the skin thanks to its composition rich with organic extra virgin olive oil that guarantees you healthy skin along with a delicate perfume.

- After the sun / the shower

Now it's time to apply the hydrating anti-aging body lotion cocoon, which is a strong ally to give your epidermis a fresh touch, protect you from the harmful substances of the environment, hydrate your skin sustainably and serve as aftersun. Nothing better than massaging your skin with the body milk cocoon after sunbathing, which instantly gives a soothing and hydrating feeling. The aftersun by excellence!

With this late summer - good feeling routine, we cherish your summer body to be ready for the new school year... or to get back to work ;-)



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