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Silence can be inspiring and bring health during this COVID crisis

For some weeks we were a little silent... Sorry for this, but it was inspiring and even necessary. This COVID episode was odd for most of us, both personally and professionally. A time of relative inactivity that allowed AMORE PURO to revitalize itself, to go back to the essence, to think beyond and to benefit from its expertise to help one another.

The creator, chemist is mobilized during COVID

Perhaps you didn't know that the creator of the brand Amore Puro is a chemist. This is the reason why he decided to put his activity around Amore Puro aside for a little while to work as a volunteer chemist at his local hospital, and here is what he has to share with us:

"From the beginning of the lock down I contacted a friend emergency physician to provide my services as a volunteer since I am a pharmacist by training. Shortly after, I was contacted again to join the team of pharmacists at Jan Yperman Hospital in Ypres (Belgium). My initial task was to prepare 200 mg capsules of hydroxychlorquine sulphate in large quantities, the only molecule at that time capable of alleviating symptoms following a Covid 19 infection. Then I was summoned to reconnect with the patients once they returned home, to know the evolution of their recovery...."

"It's an experience that warmed my heart, again worthy of the name Amore Puro: to love helping (AMORE) others in times of crisis and this outright in volunteering (PURO)... This crisis has revived my human side."

During containment, a new rhythm and a new routine

Rediscover Amore Puro's range as an ally to practice sport. Indeed, sport is a partner or almost a therapy when we find ourselves in these moments of uncertainty and inertia. So we don't hesitate to create a new wellness routine!

During the confinement between his visits to the laboratory to work on the formulation of molecules, the founder of the brand, decided to redouble his effort in the exercise of his favorite sport road cycling accompanied by a rigorous Amore Puro routine.

Step 1 : Preparing your skin

"Before every bike ride I protect my skin with Amore Puro Beauty Oil. It prevents the skin from drying out and protects against UV rays that causes the skin to age. A double protective effect with a perfume that also invites you to escape to Tuscany, despite the confinement! What a joy."

Step 2 : Deep cleanse the skin

There's nothing better after a physical effort than relaxing in the shower with the Amore Puro shower gel. A gel that gently cleanses leaving a sweet citrus scent on the skin... The extended stay in Tuscany is guaranteed!

Step 3 : Moisturize and retain a velvet effect on the skin

And finally, a good dose of hydration thanks to Amore Puro's COCOON moisturizing body milk. "There I assure you after applying you'll be captivated by this body milk ... a one way ticket to Tuscany ..."

And what was your routine during this confinement?

A moment of inspiration that allowed to develop new formulas

The crisis was also a moment of inspiration that allowed me to develop new formulas to treat one of the skin problems in the post-Covid period. You should know that people who use massively hydroalcoholic disinfectant gels, significantly attack the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin. That's why we've developed 2 new formulas for hand care. A formula that will allow on the one hand to wash and disinfect hands with natural assets while respecting the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin and a formula to restore and regenerate the harmful effects of hydroalcoholic gels thanks to the fatty acids of extra virgin olive oil from AMORE PURO.

You see that even in times of crisis AMORE PURO and its extra virgin organic olive oil from Tuscany have not finished surprising us! 

We hope you'll be in great shape, see you soon!

PS: This period allowed us to think about new developments for next season ... we can't wait to show them to you!

Jacques Vandewal, creator Amore Puro and his team;-)

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