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The benefits of olive oil on the skin

The benefits of olive oil on the skin

As a culinary delight, olive oil is now well known, but it was already used at the time in beauty care! What do not we know yet about olive oil ?

Olive oil : 9 important benefits of olive oil on the skin

Olive oil can be used as a natural remedy for skin care and as an anti-aging. It offers many benefits :

1. Limit the aging of the skin

Since the composition of olive oil is very similar to that of the subcutaneous adipose tissue of the human, it is ideally suited for body care. Olive oil can protect the skin from dehydration simply by the saturated fatty acids and vitamins A and E contained in the oil, thus directly contributing to the protection against aging of the skin and the reduction of wrinkles.

2. Moisturizer for the skin

Because of the moisturizing effect of olive oil, the oil, but also its extracts, are very often used for beauty treatments. This effect results from linoleic acid, which can protect our skin from drying out. If you want to use olive oil directly, it is recommended to use only high quality products.

Different qualities are available on the market : the highest quality olive oil among them is called "extra virgin olive oil" (discover our extra virgin olive oil 100% natural). This type of oil is pressed very gently and cold, which ensures that many ingredients are preserved. In addition, it is in principle advisable to respect the use of a biological culture oil. The olive oil label provides information on this about the quality of the oil.

3. Rich in vitamins

In addition to unsaturated fatty acids, olive oil contains vitamins A and E. Both associated with vitamin C are closely related to the aging process of the skin by acting on free radicals. They help in the formation of collagen and help reduce wrinkles. Vitamins present in olive oil can thus slow the aging process of the skin and help give the skin a fresher and younger appearance.

4. Antioxidant properties

Olive oil has a high antioxidant effect. These are important in the aging process of the skin, but also in the development of diseases.Olive oil contains a large number of antioxidants, such as flavonoids, phenolic compounds and hydroxytyrosol, which the antioxidant properties are several times stronger than vitamin C. Olive oil or oil extracts therefore contribute significantly to the regeneration of the skin.

5. Antibacterial effect

Olive oil is also known for its antibacterial effect. Applied to the skin, it can prevent the proliferation of bacteria. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties that can have a positive effect on wound healing.

All of these properties make olive oil an effective skincare product for the reduction of acne, pimples and blackheads. Therefore, there are many products in the cosmetic rays containing olive oil or their extracts as active ingredient. But the use of homemade masks can also effectively improve the appearance of the skin.

6. Treatment of sunburn

In many Mediterranean countries, olive oil is used as a home remedy for treating sunburns. Olive oil well mixed with the juice of a lemon can be applied directly to the skin reddened by the sun to prevent sunburn.

This blend of olive oil and lemon helps accelerate skin regeneration and can stimulate collagen formation through the added enhancement of vitamin C, which promotes the healing process.

7. Treatment of scars and stretch marks

Visibility of scars and stretch marks can be reduced with olive oil based massages. Add a little olive oil to the area and massage gently with your fingertips for up to five minutes. Then remove excess olive oil, or for even more effective treatment, let it work all night.

To obtain results using this method, the scar should be massaged twice a day for several weeks with olive oil. Be aware of any side effects or irritation associated with this application and stop the treatment in case of reactions undesirable.

8. Scrub with olive oil

There are scrubs with olive oil (see face scrub with olive oil Amore Puro). You can also easily make it yourself with olive oil and sugar or salt. This scrub, applied regularly, can give your skin a radiant appearance.

9. Natural make-up remover

Olive oil can also be used as a make-up remover and is ideal for cleansing the face and eyes. It is a particularly mild remedy, but it is recommended to use olive oil as a makeup remover only if you have dry or sensitive skin. Because of its strong lubricating effect, it is less suitable for oily or combination skin.

To remove makeup, soak a cotton pad with olive oil and gently remove makeup. Then rinse the face with warm water, dry it with a soft towel and massage the oil residues on the skin. Your skin will then be softer and clean.


Olive oil has been known since Antiquity as a skin care product and is increasingly used in our time in the field of anti-aging. Thanks to the ingredients of the oil, very good results can be obtained in the prevention of wrinkles and the reduction of signs of aging.If you notice any undesirable effects when using olive oil, stop immediately use.


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