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What’s the beauty routine this summer with Amore Puro?

After these period of confinement we all need a breeze of fresh air, to enjoy, rejuvenate and take care of our bodies as well as our Mind. Now all of our products are made from organic extra virgin olive oil to make you travel all year long, they are for him and her and suitable for any skin or hair type... So nothing better to adopt your beauty routine this summer!

Clean and scrub your body

Preparing your skin before sun exposure means you have to scrub gently your skin before. So the first step of this beauty ritual is scrubbing your skin to removes dead skin cells, brightens and sooths the skin. No more croc skin!

More and more people fall in love with our body scrub RENAISSANCE made in Tuscany with organic olive oil. What’s so particular is that the scrub is made up of crushed olives kernels from our olive oil production... this is our sustainable approach: zero waste. Doing more with less is a long-term commitment of Amore Puro.

These crushed kernels are less abrasive than regular scrubs and leave your skin soft and clean. Elected by a blind jury, this body scrub was awarded at the Victoires de la Beauty in 2019/2020. It is praised both for its efficiency and its naturality resulting in a soft and velvety appearance.

Moisturizing the body and hair

After cleansing your skin, make sure to moisturize your skin for having a nourished skin and restoring its natural elasticity. So nothing better than beauty oil with its multiple benefits after the shower. Without parabens, silicones or mineral oils, beauty oil ELIXIR is suitable for any type of skin and hair. Naturally anti-ageing, it sublimes your body and leaves a silky, non-greasy skin, not to mention that it protects from stretch marks like cracks. Applied on the hair tips, nourishes and avoids forks.

Made with organic extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany, it is rich in polyphenols, these superstar molecules, are powerful antioxidants that neutralize the effects of free radicals, which are responsible foraging of the skin. It feeds the hydrolipidic film and increases cell renewal.

Perfume to make your senses travel

After taking care of your body, it is time to take care of your senses. The perfumes are invitations to take your senses away, which stimulate your imagination... And in this matter what better way to take your sesnses away with Siena toilet water, with its scents from elsewhere, with a fresh and delicate fragrance. Rendez-vous to relaxation and inspiration with a subtle blend of citrus fruits and flowers: fruity notes of grapefruit and mango, and floral as well with perfumes of lotus and hyacinth.

How not to succumb to this delicate fragrance that will make you travel without moving. As soon as it is applied, it provides your skin with a light and delicate fragrance that takes you to the heart of the mythical landscape of Tuscany, its green countryside and its beaches and Turquoise lagoons...

You get it, with Amore Puro it is your 5 senses that are awakened, for a permanent journey to the shores of the Mediterranean.

Ciao !


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