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Expertise of olive oil at the service of your well being

CCreated in 2017 by Jacques Vandewal, chemist and passionated about Tucany, the brand AMORE PURO is a love story for this land and this green gold as well as an engagement for a return to authenticity and nature. AMORE PURO is a brand that proposes a unique range of skin care products and natural cosmetics based on extra virgin olive oil. But not just an ordinary olive oil!

It’s an exceptional organic olive oil PGI labelled developed from an early harvest by dedicated producers for generations through a sustainable agriculture. On olive oil that even can be savoured among passionate people and has recently been awarded at the International Olive Oil Competition in New York in 2019.


Unique benefits through a complete range of natural products

The benefits of this unique olive oil can now be found in a complete range of truly efficient cosmetics.

Full of polyphenols, natural antioxidants, the products of AMORE PURO have beneficial vertus for your skin: Hydration, regeneration,... They are the fruit of an advanced expertise and an eagerness for more naturality.
This expertise only makes sense if it evolves from a collective conscience that today we have to do more with less, that we need more sobriety, with respect for nature and focus on well-being for all. A genuine and sustainable well-being.

Nourishing your skin, is taking care of your well-being.