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Amore Puro

A story on top of values.



Some time ago a French-Belgian pharmacist, the grandson of a French farmer and passionate about Italy, decided to give a new purpose to his life. Between the softness of the Italian way of life, the richness of the Mediterranean agriculture and a sheer love for biochemistry and pharmacy, the broad lines of the Amore Puro project were written down naturally.

I’ve always been passionate about agriculture, especially knowing how and why getting things done properly. This passion has always been anchored in me and I’ve been able to fulfil all this knowledge and covet in the development of cosmetics based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil."
Jacques Vandewal, créateur d'Amore Puro

Common Values

The agricultural roots of Jacques are at the heart of this project with a particular emphasis on a sustainable approach and on the preservation of the Tuscan biodiversity.

These are shared values of undisputable craftsmanship with the team of Paolo and Gionni and their family, worldwide known producers of olive oil since the nineteenth century.

Our producers are passionate and are dedicated to their job for generations, since the beginning of the XIXthe century. Paolo and Gionni gave a new dimension to their production and bring a touch of modernity to the ancestral tradition of their family.


Scientific knowledge, love of olive oil

After more than twenty years at the head of his pharmacy in Belgium, Jacques has chosen to join his scientific know how and his love for olive oil to create Amore Puro. An extraordinary cosmetic line, strong in values and with a flawless engagement, at the image of its passionate creator.

To give Amore Puro all the splendor it deserves, Jacques was joined by Virginie in 2016. Based on common values, Virginie offers from now on a female touch to Amore Puro. Together they make up a tight team.

Together with Virginie we share the same love (Amore) for purity and authenticity (Puro) through the beauty and quality of our products to bring you a feeling of quality of life and well-being.

For your skin as for Jacques and Virginie, Amore Puro is a true renaissance. At the junction of the great History of Tuscany and the benefits of this Mediterranean green gold.