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    Olive Oil Extra Virgin Natural richness, authenticity and tradition Premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany takes its unique character from the preserved biodiversity and its ancestral landscape. A sustainable and reasoned agriculture, millinery gesture, are anchored in the making of our olive oil of extraordinary quality. A production dedicated to savouring By a cautious selection of harvested olives on the craggy landscape of Tuscany the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Amore Puro is above all an exceptional product for tasting and a nutrient of delightful gastronomy. The production of slightly later harvested olives offers the olive oil its unique taste. It has an intense green colour and a flavour of freshly mowed grass, artichoke and radish. The spicy notes at the end of tasting, give a little tingling sensation in the throat, as a witness of the presence of a high concentration of polyphenols.

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    Purifying Shower Gel with Olive Oil Our Olive Oil Shower Gel with gentle cleansing properties respects your skin and its natural balance. Feel the olive leafs caress and awaken your senses with its citrusy and rosemary notes.

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    Shampoo with Olive Oil andwith deliciously floral notes Taking care of your hair becomes a real journey to the heart of Tuscany's nature with this shampoo with olive oil. When the potential of the olive meets the delicacy of white petals that cover those ancient landscapes.

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    Transform your interior in a little patch of Tuscany. The journey to the heart of this beautiful Tuscany doesn’t stop at the door of your bathroom. The diffuser Aria Pura with the scent of white flowers metamorphoses your interior with its pleasantly scented and soothing atmosphere.

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    Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany With its subtle mimosa perfume, this day cream anti-wrinkle with olive oil has a unique composition of (poly) unsaturated fatty acids to replenish the hydrolipid barrier of your skin and boosts cell regeneration.

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    A Beauty Oil Outstanding And Pleasant With Olive Oil Cover your skin with a subtle fragrance. Discover the beauty and history of Tuscany with this olive oil beauty oil. An elixir that captures light to reflect a magnificent glare right from the first application on your face, body or hair.

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    Body Lotion Based on Olive Oil When applied on the body the microcapsules saturated with polyphenols frees the natural and active agents of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a regenerating and hydrating action. A feeling of well-being that accompanies you throughout the day thanks to this moisturizing body lotion.

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    When Water Care BecomesA True Toning Lotion with Organic Olive Oil Wake up every morning in the heart of historic Tuscany with this tonic lotion made with Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil. The incredible biodiversity of this land is reflected to accompany you throughout the day.

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    Face Scrub with Olive Oil Our olive oil face scrub offer a cleansed and exfoliated skin, smooth and softened, stopover in the Mediterranean with a scrub with fresh green notes and unusual texture.

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    Une crème de nuit régénératrice L’Huile d’Olive Extra Vierge, la base de notre Crème de Nuit est riche en acides gras (poly) insaturés qui nourrissent l’épiderme. Un anti-âge incomparable pour raffermir votre peau nuit après nuit.

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    Active and Innovative Cleansing Gel with Organic Olive Oil from Tuscany The microcapsules filled with Olive Oil present in this cleaning gel increase the protective power thanks to the fatty acids and guarantee the benefits of our active cleaning gel. The essential basis to prepare your skin for its daily care.

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    Anti-Wrinkle Regenerating Night Cream with Organic Olive Oil The Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the essence of our Night Cream  Anti-Wrinkle is rich in unsaturated fatty acids that nourish the epidermis. An unrivaled anti-wrinkle action to firm your skin night after night.

    41,25 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items