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My autumn routine


Autumn is here so prepare your skin.

You've been having a hard time getting out of bed for a few days now? You have a slightly more dull complexion than usual... You start crying in front of Bambi and you already want to put up your Christmas tree while it's only October...  Look no further... It's autumn!

Autumn means a upheaval for nature: the days are shortening, the leaves of the trees turn yellow and fall... Nature is slowly starting to prepare for winter, so for our skin it's the same thing.     

Scientific studies have shown that spring and fall are seasons that disrupt our balance. We are coming out of the benefits of summer and the sun, we have passed the beginning of the school year; a period often full of worry and apprehension... The body and mind have been called upon and the first signs of fatigue are felt.

Set your internal clock to the rhythm of nature

So how do we listen to our internal clock punctuated by our daily lives, where time often passes faster, and settle to the rhythm of nature... And she is taking her time?
Before, the landmarks were easier to find, we lived to the rhythm of the sun ... Today the stress is such that we are constantly active, at night, during the day, everything is topsy-turvy and the body feels like a hopeless cause. Hence the importance of listening to the little voice of our body and especially of our skin... It says a lot about our health. Added to this is the environment... Lights, heating, and pollution is turned on as a result. Well now, let's talk about heating.

Did you know that heating is not necessarily a good ally for your skin? Indeed, the skin needs water and heating tends to dry the air, so your skin is forced to compensate and it needs to be hydrated much faster ...
What are he signs? Skin that pulls, a dull complexion, red patches... Your skin calls for help, learn to listen to it!  It is essential to nourish and moisturize your skin a little more than usual.

What is my Autumn Routine in Practice

For this, it is important to set up an autumn routine...

In the morning

First use the Active Cleansing Gel, with its microbeads (fine olive oil particles) it cleanses and nourishes the skin. Then use the tonic lotion to purify and give your skin a sensation of freshness. A real treat to kick off the day! At last we finish with our wonder product... Our eye contour! It will work on the radiance of the eye thanks, among other things, to polyphenols and hyaluronic acid that will illuminate the complexion of your eye contour. Finally, the day cream will protect and nourish our skin. For very dry skin, it is even possible to use the night cream which is a little richer during the day... Yes, yes, you got it right! 

And in the evening

We can't repeat it enough... You take off your make-up even if you wear very little or no make-up. All day long, the skin is solicited and "damaged" by pollution and heat. We often read that the skin regenerates at night... This is completely false, as it is often a marketing argument.
So you might say why do you propose a night cream at Amore Puro? Simply because at night it is less annoying to have a cream a little fatter than during the day. Simple and basic (if someone pretends never have shone from the forehead raises their finger :p)

You can use the same products to cleanse the skin as in the morning (active cleansing gel - tonic lotion) and use the night cream. Based on olive oil, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamin B3...  It is a real caress for your skin and its composition is a moisturizing and plumping vitamin cocktail.

Moisturizing your skin at bedtime should be an essential step after makeup removal... our skin is fragile, let's pamper here.  I think I told you everything so hop hop hop have a little discipline and take care of yourself.

The Amore Puro team


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