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Amore Puro makes its way to birchbox UK in September

Meeting with the birchbox team in London

We were saying a few days ago that we had a meeting with the Birchbox UK marketing team. You might know the Birchbox principle with a personalized surprise set on a theme of beauty products delivered at home through a monthly subscription system. This innovative concept is a way to introduce consumers to cosmetic products or emerging brands and that otherwise probably wouldn’t have access to the market. What could be better than have a surprise box put together especially  for you each Month? We're joining in!

When Birchbox contacted us to discover our products made in Toscany, we said great! So with our bags full of Amore Puro products and enthusiasm we took the Eurostar to meet the marketing team. What an energy in the offices, it smells good you can feel creativity and the desire to plunge and discover the beauty boxes to be offered!... The whole range of Amore Puro products were very welcomed which opened the door a beautiful collaboration "waw it smells sogood, it's amazing";-)

A bit of Tuscany in the September box

You may know that for our cosmetics we harvest olives early September, approximately 3 weeks before harvesting the olives for the edible olive oil because at this stage they are still maturing and are full of polyphenols and squalene … Polyphenols are very powerful anti-ageing ingredients and squalene makes skin feel like velvet. Natural treasures  offered by nature in this fruit. Then it's doubly symbolic to start the new school year with this box!

So we're proud to announce that Amore Puro is in the September beauty box with its regenerating night cream "Rêve de Nuit." So don't hesitate to go to the Website of Birchbox Uk to order its limited edition box!

By the way, we're taking the opportunity to tell you that we're also present on the Birchbox Uk e-shop ... To be continued!


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