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My January detox program

The party is over, it's off to a new year under the sign of eat well

You had a good time with family or friends during the holiday season, but you feel like you have abused a little: butter sauces, crème fraîche, ice-burning cream, chocolate, etc. My goodness it was too good!

Behind these good things hides an enemy of weight ... Cholesterol ! It is one of the leading causes of death in our Western society. Junk food, excess, alcohol, lack of exercise … the causes are multiple and cardiovascular disease is a Public health problem number one. What if we started the year with
a green detox made from olive oil?

At Amore Puro, our motto is “Nourishing your skin is taking care of your well-being.” your skin is In other words “beauty starts from within”. So it's time to move on to a detox cure against cholesterol.

The benefits of olive oil against cholesterol

You know the quote: "it's in the old pots that we make the best soups." The remedies of ancient civilizations combined with the science of our contemporary medicine, we can offer a simple, pure and delicious solution: extra olive oïl Virgin!

The Mediterranean is the cradle of Western contemporary civilization. Since ancient times, this region has continued to to develop and influence the rest of the world. Today, the maps are distributed, and this part of the world no longer has perhaps not the same influence anymore, but anyway that's where it all started. For centuries olive oil has always been used in Mediterranean cuisine.

Extracted from olives, oil is a lipid that can be used for cooking or to season plenty of dishes. On the taste side, Amore Puro organic extra virgin olive oil is slightly bitter, very fruity in terms of its aromas, and is noticeable also by its smoothness.

Stop thinking olive oil is an ordinary oil!

Its composition of fatty acids makes it so extraordinary. On average, olive oil contains about 14-17% saturated fatty acids, 70 to 75% monounsaturated fatty acids and about 10-12% fatty acids Polyunsaturated.

Harmful for your health are saturated fatty acids. They are significantly more risky to our cardiovascular system. When you have high cholesterol, you need to avoid consuming too much saturated fatty acids such as palm oil or animal fats.

So can we continue consuming olive oil when we have high
Cholesterol blood levels?

The answer is yes! We enlighten you on the good and bad Fat. Olive oil contains saturated fatty acids (about 15%). Although they can be harmful when consumed in high quantities, they are still needed in our daily diet. Indeed, the proportion of the latter is significantly lower than unsaturated fatty acids (mono and poly) which account for more than 80% of the composition of olive oil.

These unsaturated fatty acids have a positive effect on our system cardiovascular disease and cholesterol that eventually cause atherosclerosis as a result of cardiovascular disease. These fatty acids will reduce the amount of LDL better known as "the "bad cholesterol" in the blood and will even enhance the production of HDL or 'good cholesterol'. So you can continue to consume olive oil in case of cholesterol, so don't deprive yourself of it!

So we no longer hesitate, cooking with olive oil, season salads with olive oil, and even a tablespoon of pure olive oil is recommended for the more daring! To be put up on every kitchen shelve - "abuse olive oil is good for your health";-)!


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