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Welcome spring, happy to see you again!

Extra virgin olive oil

It's spring. Why wouldn't we benefit from it by taking care of ourselves?

In this current sanitary crisis, we are confronted with uncertainties, we are confused, we ask ourselves questions, what can we do, how can we spend this time and we are equally concerned for our work and for the consequences...

At Amore Puro we will try to assist you by giving you some tips and facts to make the best of it in these harsh times of isolation. Even though we're locked up, we can take advantage of doing things that we wouldn’t by lack of time, or because we don't always have the courage to do, or because we've forgotten by being so absorbed into the daily routine.

Did you hoard these days to spend the next few weeks? Well, then, now it's all hands on deck to cook together and let's discover new flavors to our children. You never know that by surprising them they’d appreciate new flavors!

In fact it’s the right time to change and enrich your eating habits with vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals and... olive oil of course! Yes, if you want your diet to work, you do need to limit the consumption of alcohol, sugars and fats.

Think of half an hour of exercise or yoga it will help you to resource and stay zen!

Use extra virgin olive oil daily to keep your health on arrow

Inspired by the Mediterranean diet, it is known that extra virgin olive oil has undeniable assets. In everyone's imagination, it is a true ally for your health and rightly so! Many scientific studies have shown that daily consumption of extra virgin olive oil in the Mediterranean contributes enormously to good health provided it is consume.

Doing prevention means adopting a simple attitude to life, changing less good eating habits, doing as much exercise as possible... Nothing prevents you from dancing and laughing in your kitchen! Be it for baking or as a dressing for your salads, our organic extra virgin olive oil is really a 'green gold' that is saturated with mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids. These super ingredients play an important role in the prevention against strokes and other heart disease.

Moreover it is rich in vitamin E and polyphenols, they contribute against cellular aging and these antioxidants fight against free radicals that can be responsible for numerous diseases including some cancers (breast, prostate, bowel,...)

Olive oil yes, but of exceptional quality!

As a victim of his own success, olive oil was dismissed as a marketing tool, and was banalized. Most bottles found in supermarkets are tainted and often counterfeit. People don't usually know what's inside! It's become a true business. So be wary, because not all oils are equal.

At Amore Puro we wish to restore olive oil in honor, we are keen on producing an organic extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality. It even has an PGI label and was awarded a silver medal at the World Championship for Best Olive Oil in June 2019 NYIOOC. Isn’t that great?

The production of our olive oil takes place on the hills of Tuscany, which makes mass production impossible and which respects biodiversity and therefore makes olive trees more resistant in a natural way. The olive picking is done manually in a pure and traditional way.

Now you understand, integrating extra virgin olive oil into your daily diet, is taking care of your inner health and you can see that by your appearance;-)

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Take care of yourself and stay at home!


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