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Olive oil for the skin

Olive oil is not only recognized in cooking as a healthy oil rich in vitamins, it is also in skin care ! Olive oil tends to convince easily thanks to its high nutritional content. Olive oil contains healthy active ingredients, both inside and outside, which have been known for a long time in the Mediterranean countries, from where the olive comes.

Currently, olive oil can be used for cooking as well as for the care of hair and skin. If you also want to use olive oil for your skin, you must absolutely make sure to buy a high quality olive oil. The ideal is to turn to olive oil from organic farming and ideally should be cold pressed.

Olive oil : the effects on the skin

Olive oil can be applied to the skin for a massage or skin care. Thanks to its high content of vitamin E, olive oil makes the facial skin supple, elastic, contributes to the supply of oxygen and thus prevents wrinkles. In addition, olive oil is an excellent moisturizer that is used in creams for facials as well as in soaps for the body. Even on small wounds, olive oil has a healing effect. Olive oil also has a mild disinfectant effect and is often used against pimples and eczema.

To summarize, olive oil products help to :

     - Dry, fragile and sensitive skin
     - Prevents pimples and eczema
     - Decreases the risk of sunburn
     - Reduce oily skin
     - Daily skin care

If you use products containing olive oil as an ingredient, you must be careful that the oil is of good quality. This one will help you to have a supple skin, smooth and a good hydration of the face. An olive oil lotion can also act against wrinkles and is just as effective in nourishing the skin every day.

What makes olive oil so precious ?

Olive oil contains about 100 active ingredients. Nearly three quarters of the fatty acids in olive oil are unsaturated. Not only can they stay healthy, but they can also control overweight and fat deposits, especially in the abdominal area. Oleic acid supports the cellular structure in the body.

For skin care and especially for sensitive skin, the following ingredients of olive oil are essential :

     - Vitamin E, which ensures a smooth, supple and elastic skin. Vitamin E can provide the skin with more oxygen and is also used as a rejuvenator. Vitamin E has an anti-inflammatory effect against cancer cells and supports the immune system.
     - Chlorophyll is the green pigment of plants and is produced during photosynthesis. It has a cellular renewal effect and that is why olive oil is often used in facial skincare products.
     - Flavors are effective against fungi and bacteria that can irritate the skin.
     - The high proportion of linoleic acid in olive oil helps to fight against age spots.
     - Hydroxytyrosol has an antioxidant effect ten times greater than that of Vitamin C which protects the skin and the body against external aggressions such as exhaust fumes, UV rays, aerosols or chemicals.

Olive oil, a miracle cure ?

New studies have shown that olive oil is not an indisputable miracle cure. Surprisingly it has been proven that olive oil can slightly dry out and irritate the skin. It is the opposite effect that is widely touted.

Many of the positive aspects of olive oil contrast with some negative study results. Olive oil does not only have positive effects on the skin but it depends on various factors, such as the type of skin, the type of application or the quality of the oil. It's up to you to try!

Skin care with olive oil


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